Most people have no idea what mold is or how it can affect them, in fact; it is not uncommon for a household to

mold removal company Atlanta

mold removal company Atlanta

have mold without the inhabitants even realizing that they have an issue with it. It is sometimes referred to as mildew and falls under the umbrella of a fungi. There are several medical issues that can result from a house which has the existence of mold, which is why it makes sense to get rid of it immediately. Here are three simple signs and symptoms that you may have mold in your home.

Rely On Your Senses

It may be subtle in some instances; however, if you miss some of the other symptoms of mold, you will likely pick up on the smell. Mildew will generally accompany moisture that has been allowed to settle for a while. More often than not, the fungi will accumulate in one area of the house, in some instances it may not even be visible to the naked eye. When you pick up on an unwelcome pungent smell, you might have a problem with mold.

Changes In The Way You Feel

Considering the fact that mold can affect your health, there is a good chance that you will begin to experience symptoms of mold exposure. Some of the symptoms you could encounter would be congestion when breathing. People who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma are particularly susceptible to mold and would probably be first in line to experience these issues. It is not impossible to experience signs of watery eyes and a feeling as though your energy is being sapped from you.

Dark And Damp

It is unfortunate that mold issues are not easier to spot; however, if you have an area in your home that seems especially susceptible to retaining a level of dampness, you could have a mold problem. Areas in your bathroom may have a tendency to fit that criteria, but what you should be concerned with is areas in your home that sunlight is restricted along with being damp. If any of the above signs are part of your home, then you should immediately contact a mold testing company and have it checked out.