Fix frozen or broken sprinklers and pipes in Condos, Industrial and Commercial Buildings Atlanta

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Insurance Claim for frozen pipes. Allstate, State Farm, Frozen pipe repair in Atlanta Metropolitan area including Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington and surrounding towns and adjacent areas

We fix frozen pipes in Condominiums – Condo, Apartments, Hotels and motels, Commercial building, etc… We remove water after a flood and cleanup black water.

Fix frozen or broken sprinklers and pipes in Condos, Industrial and Commercial Buildings Atlanta

Frozen pipe repair and water extraction – water damage repair Stone Mountain Ga


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ServiceMaster Clean repair frozen pipes and remove water from homes, apartment, condos, hotels and restaurants. Dry carpet after flood Stone Mountain

Frozen pipes are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Worse yet, there may not be a lot that you can do with frozen pipes or about them especially if they are inside the walls of your home. Here are some suggestions for avoiding frozen pipes and what to do if you do have these pipes in your home or business. One thing is when the temperature is dropping keep all sink doors open to let the heat circulate. Another is to insulate all outdoor piping as well as indoor piping. Dripping the faucets is also a good idea.

Now if you are in the position of having a frozen pipe, there are several things that can be done in order to get rid of the frozen pipe menace. The pipe itself needs to be unfrozen not only on the outside but also the inside so that you don’t damage your pipes. This can be difficult, so you would need to call a plumber to your home so that they can repair the damaged pipe. The procedure may require an opening of the wall and heating the pipe up so that it can be both tested and repaired so that you don’t have leaking pipes.

ServiceMaster Atlanta – Water Extraction Service – Water Removal Process

ServiceMaster Atlanta

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Carpet Cleaning and Water extraction service remove water from basements, floors, walls and ceiling in Atlanta,GA Conyers, Sandy Springs, Atlanta Metropolitan area including Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington and surrounding towns and adjacent areas and Surrounding cities in Georgia. Water Removal Company Atlanta, Get water up in home Roswell.

Our water damage company will also repair damaged carpets to save you money and valuable time as well.

We provide services to all of North Georgia for:

Fire damage cleanup Atlanta
• Smoke damage removal Atlanta GA
• Soot cleaning procedures
• Flood damage cleanup and restoration Atlanta
• Water leak damage repair Atlanta GA
• Mold removal Atlanta
• HEPA Filtration
• Full reconstruction services
• Licensed, insured, and bonded

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Carpet Cleaning and Repair – Water extraction From Carpet

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ServiceMASTER Clean – Carpet Cleaning Company and Repair of Atlanta, GA area, including Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington, and surrounding towns.

We also provide carpet and upholstery services to Jonesboro, Forest Park, Morrow, Hapeville, Ellenwood, East Point, Riverdale and surrounding towns.

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Carpet Repair – How to Remove Furniture Impressions or Dents from Carpets

Carpet Company – Remove carpet dents or impressions

ServiceMaster by Lovejoy provides carpet repair such as carpet stretching, removal of dents or impression in carpet, seam repair, etc… to  Atlanta Metropolitan area including Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington and surrounding areas

carpet dent removal Atlanta ga

carpet dent removal Atlanta Ga

As you try to make room in your home to accommodate your holiday decorations, you may find yourself moving and rearranging heavy pieces of furniture. The imprints or dents that furniture can leave behind on carpet are unsightly and will not completely disappear unless you take action.

Our technical experts at ServiceMaster Clean recommend using a clothes steamer to remove the furniture dents from carpet. If you do not have a clothes steamer handy, you can use a kitchen towel and an iron. Place a damp towel over the carpet dent. Heat the iron to a medium heat setting then set the iron on the damp towel. You can use the steam button on the iron periodically. Remove the iron and towel to check the carpet. If it is to your liking, use your fingers to fluff the carpet. If the dent still needs work, place the warm iron on the damp towel and repeat.

Another helpful tip to remove an impression is to place an ice cube in the dent and allow it to melt. The melted ice will revive the carpet fibers. Then use a toothbrush to remove the impression by brushing it in a backward-and-forward motion. Allow the carpet to dry naturally.

ServiceMaster Atlanta – Why You Should Always Hire a Professional for Any Emergency Trauma Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup – Trauma Cleaning Business – Call Us Now! (678) 619-4356.

ServiceMaster Atlanta trauma cleaning business providing crime scene cleanup to crime_scene-cleanup atlantaAtlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington, McDonough and surrounding towns and adjacent areas.

It is of the utmost importance that you hire a trusted, professional service for emergency trauma cleanup. Not all companies are of the same quality so make sure you research and ask for references, before disaster strikes.

Emotional toll

Experiencing a trauma scene is very distressing and overwhelming, especially if you are not accustomed to blood cleanup. Crime scene cleanup is emotionally exhausting, particularly for those who are personally involved. Crime scene cleaning businesses will discreetly and compassionately remedy the situation, so that you can deal with other problems at hand and begin the process of moving on.

Physical danger

It is physically dangerous to enter a trauma scene and try to clean it up without the proper training and equipment. Taking on blood cleanup and other bodily fluids leaves you open to dangerous pathogens and diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, and other viruses. By exposing yourself to potentially dangerous substances, you could also be compromising those you come in contact with.

Professional cleaning

Professional crime scene cleaning businesses have the tools and equipment necessary to contain harmful substances and complete the job thoroughly. Only professionals have the resources and know how to dispose of contaminants in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. They will be able to completely disinfect the area and prevent unpleasant odors from taking hold. If all potential hazards are not completely removed, then dangerous substances can spread and promote an unhealthy environment. It’s easy for a layperson to overlook areas that need to be cleaned or replaced, such as carpet padding, which can harbor dangerous pathogens. Failure to properly clean and sanitize the area, particularly in apartments or offices, could lead to liability issues.

It’s understandable that you want to help after a trauma, but putting yourself in harm’s way by attempting to clean a hazardous scene is never wise. It pays to call a professional, who can complete the cleanup quickly and efficiently.

3 Reason you should clean pet hair and dander in carpet regularly.

3 Reason you should clean pet hair and dander in carpet regularly.

That’s not Shag Carpet…

Our pets are well loved, so well loved we often overlook some of the “minor” effects that carpet-cleaning-sandy-springs-dunwoodytheir fur and dander leave behind on our carpet. Many people do not realize some of the effects that pet hair and dander can have when left sitting in your carpet for too long, nor are they aware of the unaesthetic appeal of a carpet covered in hair. Whatever the occasion, be it the purchase or sale of your home, the arrival of guests over the weekend or the need to give your carpet a refreshing appeal, you can trust ServiceMaster By Lovejoy for excellent carpet cleaning. Call Us Now! (678) 619-4356. Currently servicing the Atlanta Metropolitan area, including Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington and surrounding towns and adjacent areas.

First, most pet owners are not aware of the serious allergies that pet dander can cause. It is usually the dander that causes the itchy, watery eyes that are a reaction to the amount of dander settled in the home. So take into consideration the next time a guest comes into your home and begins sneezing and uncontrollably blowing their nose, that maybe it is time to relieve those carpets of some long accumulating pet dander.

Secondly, the odor that is often smelled in the houses of pet owners can be attributed to pet dander as well. It may not be your dog that needs the bath; it may be your carpets. Dander can accumulate in the carpet and carries the odor of your pet. Going long times between carpet cleanings can leave your carpet smelling like a dog left outside on a hot summer day. No one should want to smell that.

Lastly, a nice hair free carpet is much more aesthetically appealing than a silky layer of Spot’s hair covering every square inch of the floor. If someone walks into your house and thinks you have drifted back in time to the days of shag carpet and fur rugs, than it just might be time to get those carpets cleaned up. While as pet owners, we may overlook such small things as hair on the carpet, guests might enjoy not leaving your house looking as though they are getting ready to perform in the latest Broadway production of “Cats”.

So as a pet owner, just be a little more aware that while you love your pet and everything about them, others may not enjoy the long lasting effects the hair and dander can leave behind.

Why is it important to have my carpets stretched ?

Why is it important to have my carpets stretched ?

There are various reasons for the importance of hiring a carpet repair company for tech and truck051professionally stretching a homeowner’s carpets. However, the main reason is that the professional carpet stretchers the company utilizes will thoroughly stretch the carpets while retaining their strength and durability. This is important because over time, carpets become stretched out, become loose and form wrinkles due to natural traffic. At ServiceMaster of Decatur, our technicians have the experience to handle Hotels, Condos, Apartment and Homes large or small. Call Us Now! (678) 619-4356 Currently servicing the Henry County, Lovejoy, McDonough, Stockbridge, Locust Grove, Eagles Landing and surrounding cities.

When carpet stretchers are used, the carpet is pulled in multiple directions to smooth out wrinkles and reduce loose areas in the carpeting. The tools that are used to stretch a carpet are completely safe to use and the carpet repair company technicians performing the job are knowledgeable in the proper process. Once the stretcher tool has been applied to the carpet, gentle stretching force will be applied to straighten the carpeting mat and carpeting fibers out. This process will help return the carpet to it’s original elasticity and durability.

Because the carpet stretching process is more than just using a simple knee-knicker carpet tightening tool, special attention needs to be paid to the process. Professional carpet crews are trained to examine the trouble issues in the carpeting and take appropriate action. Commonly, the edge of the troubled areas in the carpet where it touches the wall will be taken up carefully and reapplied. When a carpet technician performs this process, they’ll use a special wedge tool to gently pry the carpet tack strip up off the floor board after they’ve gently pulled the carpet up.

Afterwards, the technicians will commonly replace the tack strips with new ones in a location a 1/4 an inch to a 1/2 an inch away from the old location. However, before the carpets are reset into the new location, the carpet technician will utilize a carpet stretcher tool to carefully stretch the carpet in small increments until they’ve reached the end of the carpet; once they’ve reached the end of the carpet, they’ll then press the carpet back down onto the new tack strip.

After this step is done, some carpets require the use of a carpet stretcher tool to be left in position over the carpet through the night until the next day. This extra time will ensure that the carpets have been thoroughly stretched to relieve or reduce wrinkles and loose spots in the carpet. After the carpet is secured back down into the tack strips, any excess carpet edges may be trimmed by the carpet technician to complete the job.

Subway Restaurants – Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

We recently started cleaning our local Subway Restaurants on a regular basis. Here are some pictures of the tile and grout cleaning our technician, Rick, has done there. We think he’s done a great job!


Commercial- Tile and Grout- Before

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- Before

Commercial- Tile and Grout- After

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- After

Commercial- Tile and Grout- Before

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- Before

Commercial- Tile and Grout- After

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- After

Commercial- Tile and Grout- Before

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- Before

Commercial- Tile and Grout- After

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- After

Rick using SX-15 to clean tile and grout.

Rick using SX-15 to clean tile and grout at Subway.

Commercial- Tile and Grout- Before and After

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- Before and After

Commercial- Tile and Grout- Before and After

Commercial- Tile and Grout Cleaning- Before and After

We also clean carpet, hardwood, upholstery, air ducts, area rugs and everything in between! Call us today for a free quote or schedule a free on-site estimate!

We provide services for Conyers, Covington, McDonough, Stockbridge, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Lovejoy, Atlanta, Monroe, Lithonia, Stone Mountain and the surrounding cities.

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ServiceMaster in Atlanta – Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks – Carpet Cleaning Service

Dread cleaning day? Who doesn’t? Use these tricks and tips that are sure to make cleaning much easier! :

  • Vacuum Regularly. Almost 85% of soil in your carpets is soil that is brought in by the soles of your shoes. That dry soil can be easily cleaned up simply by vacuuming regularly. The dry soil can agitate and damage your carpet fibers and make your carpet look dull and dirty so it is very important to vacuum high traffic areas more frequently than the lighter traffic areas. Light traffic areas can be vacuumed once a week; high traffic areas should be vacuumed daily. (The vacuum bag should be changed when ½ – ⅔ full.)
  • Adjust the vacuum height setting. You vacuum’s carpet height setting is definitely an important factor. If the height setting is too low, the suction won’t be as good because there isn’t sufficient room for the air to flow. Having a too low setting is also not good because it can cause the brush to go too deep into the carpet and cause damage to the fibers. By using a height setting that is too high, the dirt will not be ‘pushed’ into the vacuum with the roller. This causes there to be a lot of soil left in your carpets even after vacuuming.
  • Check the roller. You always want to make sure that the rotating brush inside the bottom part of your vacuum is cleaned before vacuuming. When there is something keeping the roller from going full speed or turning at all, it can cause the belt to burn or break. Vacuum belts are only a few dollars to replace but you’d be much better off without the hassle.
  • Stains = Pains. EVERYONE hates stains. Try this for a quick home remedy:
    Spray the spot with a 50/50 vinegar and water solution. Then use a white cloth or paper towel to BLOT the spill. Be sure not to rub the spot. Rubbing can cause the spot to spread and it will also go deeper into the carpet. Note: Spills should be attended to immediately for best results. It’s also best to test any chemical or solution on a hidden spot of carpet before treating a stain because it could possibly cause discoloration.
  • Baking soda works wonders. Baking soda has SO MANY uses. It can be used to clean dishes, clothes, appliances, shower curtains and a ton of other things. It’s also great for deodorizing. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets, inside you vacuum bag or anywhere else you need a little extra freshness (like that trash can that sits in the corner). Note: Leave the baking soda on your carpet for about 30 minutes then vacuum.
  • Rotate your furniture frequently. Keeping your furniture in one place for a long time will wear down your carpets a lot in those main traffic areas. If you switch it up every now and then, the previous traffic areas are no longer being walked on as much. This keeps your carpet wear even instead of it only being focused on one main area. It also keeps your friends and family surprised at your living room’s new look when they come over for dinner.
  • Door mats, your first line of defense. Doormats prevent dirt and debris from getting into your home in the first place. It is best to use two; one outside the door and one inside the door. The best thing about door mats is they are not a high maintenance piece of equipment that will be a bother to your guests. They simply lay on the ground. They add a nice, decorative touch to your home, too!
  • Scotchgard™. Call us today and ask about Scotchgard™ carpet protection. It helps keep your carpet’s built-in protective barrier from breaking down through regular cleaning. It also helps prevent spills from becoming stains and makes for easier clean-up. You won’t regret having Scotchgard™ applied to your carpet! Get it today for a great, low price!

Even with using all these tips, your carpet is still not as clean as it can be. It is recommended to have your carpets cleaned every six months; or every 4 months if your family suffers from allergies or if you have pets. Call ServiceMaster by Lovejoy for a free quote or schedule your appointment for a deep cleaning TODAY! We clean everything from air ducts to carpettilehardwood and everything in between.

We provide services in Rockdale CountyNewton County, Henry CountyFulton County, DeKalb County, Clayton County and the surrounding areas.

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