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Carpet Cleaning In Atlanta By ServiceMaster

Homeowners and businesses alike all generally have carpet cleaning needs which should be addressed in order to not only maintain the appearance of the residence, but to also prevent more annoying problems such as allergens and stains from becoming prevalent. ServiceMaster by Lovejoy in Atlanta, GA, is able to handle all of these issues in order to preserve and restore carpets to their original beauty and by doing so prevent costly repairs or replacements from affecting the owner’s pocketbook.

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Residential carpet cleaning services are one of the specialties provided at ServiceMaster by Lovejoy.  We have the necessary tools and expertise to properly handle carpet In a house full of busy people.  Carpet routinely needs a deeper cleaning so that any embedded particles and debris can be effectively removed taking up where the normal vacuum cleaner leaves off. ServiceMaster utilizes a hot water extraction method which can deeply loosen and sanitize areas throughout the home in order to get things into top notch shape within 24 hours.

Commercial carpet cleaning services are yet another specialty that the experts at ServiceMaster by Lovejoy provide.  We are accustomed to helping businesses keep their offices and buildings looking good so that workers, customers, and potential clients can all enjoy the space.  When there are unsightly appearances in an office people can draw negative connotations.  These commercial areas are generally accommodating to a much higher foot traffic that delivers an extra level of embedded debris settling. A quality commercial cleaning will keep everything looking highly professional so that the focus can be on the business at hand rather than the pathway underfoot.


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Most professionals and manufacturers are in agreement that professional techniques such as HWE (Hot Water Extraction) is the most effective and long-lasting way to treat their products so that the longevity is extended and the look stays attractive. There is no reason that one should have to live with a floor covering that is covered with various stains and residue that draw disdain. Service Master by Lovejoy has all of the tools and staff to do the dirty work for you.  We can be contacted at 678-619-4356 in order to set up an appointment for your professional carpet cleaning service. Give your floors the treatment they deserve.

Feel free to call us at 678-619-4356