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Mold and Mildew Damage

Mold has been with us forever. It is a living organism. Commonly referred to as fungi, mold occurs naturally in many places where there is stagnant water and a food source. A walk through a forest will usually provide ample evidence of fungi on dead trees or other host sites. Mold is needed in our ecosystem to breakdown the vegetation and other cellulose based material. If mold did not exist a tree that fell 300 years ago would still be there. Mold clears the planet of "the dead" the makes room for new life.

Mold in a home is a different story. With the inception of the "Smart Home" we have seen indoor mold problems greatly increased. By sealing up a home air tight, your heating and cooling bills can be lowered, but also by sealing up the home it can no longer "breathe".  The old phrase that "they don't build them like they used too" is a very accurate one. If moisture is accumulating in a home and is not noticed it does have the potential to support and sustain mold growth. As we learn more about mold, we realize the potential for some harmful effects on people from prolonged exposure to mold.


How would you know or suspect mold contamination in your home?

*You may be able to observe the mold on walls, wood or other structures.

*If you have damp spots in your home or any standing water, mold will have a higher probability of forming or growing.

*If parts of your home have a musty odor, you should suspect the presence of mold.

*Some people are very sensitive to mold. Unexplained health issues with family members, including headaches, allergic reactions, respiratory problems or rashes may suggest the presence of mold.


Addressing a mold situation requires:

*Removal of existing mold

*Treating the source of the mold to prevent future growth
Our professionals approach a mold situation with a specific plan:

*Protective clothing and respirators are used where necessary when handling mold.

*Thorough cleaning of contaminated surfaces is performed.
Mold needs water. The source of the water is removed and the affected areas are thoroughly dried.

*After mold remediation, thorough testing is performed to make sure the area is clean.

*To protect your home and family, it is important that you treat any suspected situation involving mold promptly and correctly.

*Do not disturb the mold. Attempting to remove the mold may result in the spores becoming airborne and thereby compounding the problem.

*Do not ignore any evidence of mold. Unless the source of the problem is addressed, the mold will likely continue to exist and may, in fact, grow and spread.


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