Mold Removal

Mold Removal in Atlanta, GA

Mold is a problem that can effect a home that has had some form of water damage if not dried out properly.  While some of the smaller nuisances can be handle by the homeowner with help from everyday cleaning products, the larger problem areas are best left to the professionals. We use special equipment and our expertise to quickly and efficiently eliminate the problem in such a way that it does not return. ServiceMaster By Lovejoy in Atlanta, GA, has a team of mold removal experts who can be in and out without disturbing too much of the home’s everyday use.

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Mold spores circulate around in the air all of the time, both inside and out.  For mold to become a problem someone has to be allergic or there has to be at a significant level of mold spores present.  Anyone with allergies or respiratory problems can have a stronger reaction to contaminated areas as well as children and the elderly.

Servicemaster by Lovejoy in Atlanta has the necessary equipment and procedures to attack this problem before it can begin to cause extensive damage.  If untreated mold can go from simple discoloration to more extensive things like woodrot  or large mold colonies.  A thorough testing process will be administered to examine the home for indications of mold growth, after remediation another set of samples are taken to ensure that the area is cleared.  Mold can grow just about anywhere and so it is critical that this evaluation is done so that any hidden dangers are resolved before they cause permanent damage that will be even more expensive to repair in the long run.



If you or someone you know is living in the Atlanta area and seeing signs of mold and fungal growth then it is important to give Servicemaster by Lovejoy a call at 678-619-4356 so that an appointment can be scheduled.

Feel free to call us at 678-619-4356