Water Damage Restoration

The Benefit of Hiring a Water Damage Company

Water damage in the Atlanta area is common place. Many homes and businesses are subjected to damage caused by burst pipes, hard rain causing flooding and slow and steady leaks. Water damage can be disastrous. It could result in the loss of furnishings, the destruction or weakening of walls and floors and the growth of mold. Restoring a space after water damage can be overwhelming. The most effective way to mitigate the problem is by enlisting the aid of a professional water damage company.

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If you’re experiencing an emergency, our company, ServiceMaster will dispatch a team of IICRC certified technicians within a couple of hours after receiving your call. The first step our technicians will take is to contain the water within limited confines. The next step will be to determine the damage and map out a restoration plan based following the structural drying guidelines. Then we will employ the advanced equipment in our arsenal: dehumidifiers, air movers and moisture meters to completely dry everything effected by the water.

What Not to Do in a Flooded Space

  • Do not enter the room if it has structural or electrical damage
  • Do not attempt to remove mold
  • Do not vacuum up the water
  • Do not try to remove tacked down carpeting

Do This to Prepare Your Space for the Professional Water Damage Team

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  • Use Aluminum foil to protect the legs of wooden furniture: place it between the leg and the floor
  • Pin up sofa and chair skirts and draperies that fall to the floor
  • Place things that can be lifted off the floor onto higher surfaces
  • Mop up as much of the standing water as you can


The greatest challenge with water damage is the extent of damage that can occur with even an accumulation of one inch of water on the floors. It could lead to extensive damage to the subfloor, the visible flooring as well as the walls. Buckling and warping could affect the subfloor if water is allowed to stand too long on a floor. If the floor’s foundation, the subfloor is compromised, it may need to be replaced. The flooring, whether it be carpeting, vinyl tile, or wood will be damaged by standing water. The extent of that damage is dependent upon how long the water was allowed to stand.

At ServiceMaster, your water damage company, we have the expertise and specialized equipment to clean up the standing water. Our certified technicians will restore your space to its original condition, giving you a dry, odor free and mold free environment.

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